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Change of plan.

by on June 28, 2013

The firing on the tiles has slowed down. We are using the kilns in the sculpture factory in Cork, we’re finding that the heat in the kiln is not even so the tiles loaded at the top are over heating and the bottom tiles are so cool that the glaze hasn’t melted fully. Therefore we have had to put the last glazed firing in again. Today we will see how they are.

We have decided to give the first firing (bisque fire) to all the tiles in the sculpture factory. This makes them a lot stronger and the uneven heat is not such a problem. They will all be bisque fired by the end of next week. Then we will take them all to our studio in Co. Wicklow where we have a kiln. In Wicklow we will continue with the underglaze colouring and firing.When all the work is finished we will be coming back to Cork to install in the school during the last week in August. It will all be up and ready by the time schools opens on 29th August.

If there are any parents out there willing to help with grouting the tiles around the 23rd August we would love to have you. Please ring or text Liz 0868880602.



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