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Rinneamar Dearmad!

by on June 6, 2013

I have been talking to the writer Kristin Gleeson who lives in Ballyvourney. Kirstin has been researching St. Gobnait for her next book. She has a very interesting blog on Gobnait and other local stories. On reading the blog I see we have made a mistake on our bee hive.

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Such talks and sources have led me to explore Medieval Irish beekeeping and to find that it was such a feature in Ireland they established a set of Brehon Laws governing issues that could (and probably did) arise from keeping them.  My choir director, locally known for his beekeeping, actually has a beehive created in the manner of medieval beekeepers (called a skep) and, low and behold, had a copy of the Brehon Laws and an analysis of it. His skep, he explained was made of sedge grass and not straw as it would in England, because Ireland is wetter and the sedge grass would dry and air out more quickly. I certainly couldn’t argue with him on the ‘wetter’ aspect of his argument. He is a coordinator of the local history group and over the years have talked to many elderly people about old agricultural practices and re-constructed them.


Peadar O’Riada’s skep.


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  1. Fabulous project. The skep looks great anyway. Love the bees.

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