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Scéal Eile

by on May 30, 2013

Today we worked on the story of St. Finbarre and the Crannóg of Lough Allua and The Gearagh.

Here is an interesting story from The Gearagh.

The Gearagh

A community & oak forest lost forever.

Josephine O’Connell.

ISBN 0-9560562-0-2

“Tommy Tom also owned a gramophone which provided much entertainment in the evenings. There was a platform in Toons Bridge and groups went across in through the river to get to the dances. They used ‘cosaí fuara’, which were a type of short hazel stilt, a bit like old fashioned wooden crutches that came up to the ‘oxter’, with a step halfway up, to keep the feet dry. Mrs. Herlihy’s father, Tadhg Cronin, specialised in making these. There was an art in using them and more often than not ‘the acrobats’ fell into the water”

Cosaí Fuara

Cosaí Fuara


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  1. Fantastic story and image.

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